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All vendors selling edible items are required to submit a certificate of insurance listing the City of Greer as additionally insured. An example is provided here.

Contact Information:
email: Phone: (864)334-6886

Mailing address: PO Box 1292, Greer SC 29652

Event location: Greer City Park (outside). 301 E Poinsett St, Greer, SC 29651

Market Fees

All fees are non-refundable. Please be patient, it may take a few weeks to respond to applications regarding acceptance.

  • Application Fee If accepted to the market, dates will be agreed upon and you must pay the weekly market fee to confirm. 
  • Tent Banner Fee (optional order after accepted)
  • Weekly Market Fee: The weekly market fee is to be paid in advance online. For accounting purposes, you will not be scheduled or advertised as attending until payment is received. No refunds to vendors that do not show up or for vendor requested cancellations once payment is rendered.
  • Musician Gift of $5 or a product equivalent from each vendor that participates in that date. 

Note that non-farm vendors who are accepted are unlikely to be scheduled on a weekly basis for your and the market’s benefit- you will only pay the weekly fee for events you are scheduled.  

Market Rules, Regulations, and Enforcement:

This document seeks to set forth a basic set of rules and guidelines to provide for the successful operation of the Greer Farmers Market, but we cannot contemplate every possibility. The rules, policies, and guidelines, are determined, and may be changed, by managerial approval to protect the intent and well-being of the Market, its patrons and vendors, staff, volunteers, and the City of Greer.

Market staff members value our good relationship with vendors and make every effort to educate vendors about the Market guidelines before and during the season. Vendors will be notified of any significant changes and the date they become effective.

Staff reserves the right to suspend or revoke the selling rights of any vendor who repeatedly disregards one or more of the rules as outlined in these guidelines. If Market staff suspends or revokes a vendor’s selling rights for any reason, the selling rights of all working at that booth – primary seller and additional sellers are likewise suspended or revoked.

Market Goods Categories Approved for Sale

Farm Fresh Items: Includes, but is not limited to, fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs (fresh or dried), nuts, honey, dairy products, eggs, poultry, mushrooms, meats, and fish. Fresh flowers, nursery stock, and plants. Wild-caught, wild-harvested, or foraged food items, if in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. No live animals may be sold or given away at the Market.

-All vendors are expected to follow all required USDA and South Carolina state standards for the production, processing, and packaging of their products.
-Market staff reserves the right to inspect a vendor’s greenhouse, garden, farm, field or other place of production to verify that the products being sold meet market qualifications.

Value added Commodities: Includes, but is not limited to, preserves, jams and jellies, cider, syrup, salsa, cheese, dried fruit, and salad dressings. All items must follow governmental standards.

Processed Goods: Vendors who will be selling items including, but not limited to: juices, coffee and tea, preserved foods, baked goods, pet products, lotions and soaps, pastas, dressings and sauces, and granola.  Greer Farmers Market does recognize South Carolina Cottage Law. Food items that are not permitted under Cottage Law must be produced in a SCDHEC certified kitchen. Vendors are recommended to utilize local sources when applicable. For Questions:

Artisans: Vendors who will be selling items including, but not limited to: handmade jewelry, pottery, decorations, pet accessories, knit items, photography, paintings, clothing, woodworking, bird houses etc. Commercially made, imported, or manufactured items are not permitted. Second-hand or vintage items are to be approved prior to the market. Products other than those listed may be approved for sale if the Market staff determines the items would benefit the market as a whole.
o Vendors may sell only the items listed in their market applications and approved by market management. Market staff has the right to require a vendor to remove non-approved products.
o Vendors seeking to sell items not listed on their application must request approval in writing (email acceptable) to add items to their application. These additional items cannot be sold until Market staff approval is received.

Demonstrations: Vendor demonstrations are welcomed with market approval.

Other Inquiries: All businesses, non-profits, musicians, food trucks, and individuals are welcome and encouraged to reach out to Market staff about volunteer, sponsor, employment, and special event opportunities. Please email for signups.

Selling at the Market Requirements

All Vendors are responsible for adhering to all Federal, State and Local laws for their specific product(s) that are being sold at the Greer Farmers Market.

Insurance & Liability:
Items brought on site are done so at the sole risk of the vendor. The City of Greer and Greer Farmers Market are not responsible for any loss, damage, or destruction of personal property, equipment, and/or valuables. Vendors are responsible for their own personal and property liability insurance.

City Insurance Requirement:
Any vendor selling consumable food or drink items must supply the City of Greer with a certificate of general liability insurance listing the City of Greer as an additional insured. Coverage must be at least $1,000,000 general aggregate and $1,000,000 each occurrence. Any vendor not supplying this document will not be permitted to participate in the market. 

City Licensing Requirement:
At this time, The City of Greer requires Food Trucks to have a business license to participate in events at the park.  All other product categories are not required to have a City of Greer Business license at this time. Vendors are encouraged to seek one and will be informed if we are aware of any changes enacted by the City of Greer. 

Specialty Requirements:

Department of Agriculture and/ or Department of Health certifications, as required by your business (Food2Market FAQ )

Meat Producer License
Egg Producer License 
Dairy Manufacturer’s License
DHEC License 

Cottage Law Participants include photo examples of 
Product label & Ingredient lists

Product photos for (arts & crafts)

Sales Tax:
Vendors are responsible for their retail sales taxes.

Vendor Space Requirements:
Vendors are required to have a 10’x10’ white canopy tent, and HEAVY weights on the legs of the tent. Booth displays should not block the main walkway. All vendors must keep signage at their booth identifying themselves, or their business, and their location. All signage or pricing should be clear and legible. All signage and product sampling must be contained within the vendor’s booth space. Signage must not obstruct the view or interfere with neighboring vendor spaces or walkways. All trash and litter should be removed from the vendor’s space and from the event location following breakdown. Booth setups that put the public at risk and tents that are not properly weight will be told to leave with no refunds. Vendors that leave trash behind will not be allowed to return. 

Vendor Placement is planned by the market. Your location will be emailed to you a few days before the event. Vendors may be spaced next to each other, including on the “promenade” areas. Should you need more than a 10×10 space, you can request approval to purchase a second 10×10 space. 

Power Access: 

Power access for vendors may be requested but is not guaranteed. You will be notified if we can accommodate power needs on an individual basis. All food trucks and vendors operating near the city circle drive bring a generator for power needs.


Vendors are expected to act considerately towards other vendors, market attendees, and market staff. Hawking, aggressive, inappropriate, or rude behavior is not permitted.

Set up / Breakdown 
Vendors are expected to have their booth set-up and ready prior to the start time. Vendors who arrived after the Market start time will not be allowed to set up and refunds will not be issued for booth fees. 

Vendors are expected to leave their booth in-tact until the close of the market. If a Vendor chooses to leave during the market hours, contact with the marketing staff will need to be made to ensure a safe breakdown of the booth and departure.


Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis in public spaces. Parking on private property is not permitted unless arrangements have been made with the owner. No vehicles are allowed on the grass, sidewalks, or along the curb. Maps will be provided.

There are no refunds or booth credits for cancelations at any time. Vendors must notify Market staff as soon as they know they are NOT coming to the Market by email to Repeated late arrivals or absences, with or without notice, may result in suspension or revocation of selling rights. If a personal emergency situation arises after the market opens and a vendor feels they must leave, please notify Market staff who will do their best to facilitate departure. 

Greer Farmers Market is an outdoor, “rain or shine” market and will continue in most types of weather. However, in rare occasions, the Market may be cancelled or close early due to severe/unsafe weather conditions that may pose a threat to the vendors or public. If the Market cancels, the vendors will be informed 24 hours prior to the market. 

Communication & Feedback

The majority of vendor communication will be done through the email provided. It is critical that you also register for the emailing list that will include important updates about events and changes.

Prepared Oct 2022 for the Greer Farmers Market

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